Client and family information

What is a case manager?


A case manager is an individual with a professional qualification such as occupational therapy, nursing or social work. They should be skilled and experienced in rehabilitation and multi-disciplinary working. This means they should be practised at working in a team with other professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors or occupational therapists to support individuals to maximise their recovery from injuries or illnesses.

Your case manager will carry out a detailed assessment of your needs called an Immediate Needs Assessment sometimes referred to as an INA. If instructed following the INA, they will work closely with you to achieve your rehabilitation priorities and report to the referrers on your progress.

The case management process

  • Selection of a case manager by you with support of your solicitor.
  • Instruction of case manager to complete an immediate needs assessment (INA) either singly by your solicitor or jointly by your solicitor and the defendant’s insurer or solicitor.
  • Assessment of your needs through a face to face meeting with the instructed case manager and your family. The case manager will then complete a report containing assessment of your needs and recommendations as to how to meet these.
  • Review of INA by you and other relevant parties, if agreed your solicitor will instruct the case manager to work with you to identify your priorities for recovery and rehabilitation.
  • We will complete a risk assessment if necessary and identify and set goals with you. We will instruct other therapists to work alongside you as appropriate to your case. We will have oversight of all input into your care and co-ordinate this.
  • We will regularly review your goals with you and the multi-disciplinary team around you and revise these as appropriate.
  • We will report regularly on your progress to the referrer.
  • We can be involved for as long as you or your advocate feel we are required.

At Three Case Management we have over 60 years of healthcare and rehabilitation experience between us. We firmly believe in placing the client at the centre of everything we do and we work with a unique multi-professional approach to all of our cases. If you appoint us you will have one central case manager who will work closely with you and your family or friends. Your case manager will also have close support and supervision from the partners at Three, giving you the benefit of expertise from across a wider field of professionals.

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